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Royal India's STORY



We are managing as a new entity, Royal India Catering Inc.  with Catering, Take out and Indian ethnic groceries.As one of our achievements, we can proudly say that we have catered for parties upto 1500 people.

    Our main chef, Benjamin is a graduate in Hotel Management from Naipunya Institute of Management in Kerala and he has 8 years of experience in Royal India itself.One of our partners, Bijo is also a graduate in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

since 1996. 

We serve North & South Indian dishes,Fresh Naan and Tandoor items. We do LIVE Party orders also! The enticing aroma and flavor of our dishes arise from  imported fresh Indian spices & condiments at the finest of its quality.

Enjoy the Indian Delicacies!!!



Royal India Cuisine was started in Montclair,NJ by Raju Abraham in 1993 and eventually changed into Catering and Groceries and moved to Bloomfield. After the management changed twice within the due course of time, we took over the business in July, 2019.

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